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Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program

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How To Proceed In This Program:

  • Concentrate on one DVD per week for 15 weeks as prescribed in the Guide.
  • Remember to do three workouts each week, taking a full day of rest in between each workout.
  • You will use the “Tai Chi Fit - FLOW” workout during weeks Week 4, 8, 12 and 15 as your “recovery” workout for active rest. Here you will work out three days on these active rest weeks, remembering to take a complete day of rest between each workout.

How You Know You If You Need To Do This Program And Why You May Not Realize It:

IMPORTANT - You need to do this program if one or more of the following situations or conditions applies to you (please be honest with yourself):

  • You know you looked and felt better ten years ago than you do today and you know your situation is reversable, if you would just stick to a workout program and eat healthier.
  • You're not moving, breathing, and getting into the flow of Qi regularly through a healthy workout program where you are moving, breathing an experiencing vitality.
  • You feel muscle, joint, back pain, or cramping in your limbs regularly and know that you'll feel better when re-igniting the flow of Qi in your body and hydrating properly by drinking more water.
  • You don't get-away enough on luxurious restful vacations, or you know you should take mental mini-vacations from the stresses of modern life and you know this stress is reducing your quality of life now.
  • You hear or feel noise (called crepitus), or a popping sound as you move your joints or head. This is caused by roughened bony surfaces moving against each other or by ligaments rubbing against bone. This is quite common and doesn't mean there is anything seriously wrong with your neck.
  • You sometimes have numbness or tingling that can be felt down the arm to the toes or fingers. Perhaps you awaken in the middle of the night with thses symptoms. Tai chi will aid these conditions over time.

Reasons to Try David-Dorian Ross'
Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program” Today:

REASON #1: You experience one or more of the above symptoms or situations. Most join, neck and back pain is caused by a simple muscular strain or tension and in some cases it can improve within a few days. However body pain can sometimes become persistent but it's usually possible to avoid experiencing them with a full range of regular self-help tai chi workouts.

REASON #2: It's time to start taking better care of yourself. You may have been holding stress and tension in your mind and body for many years (yes, they are connected), which has lead to stiffness, chronic pain and other conditions. Any symptoms you have now will get worse, if left untreated. When your soft tissue (muscles/fascia) is tight, your circulation of blood, nutrients, and energy can be stagnant or even blocked. This physical tension reduces the Qi flow into your head and brain, and also into your arms and hands. Usually when beginners don’t feel the Qi in their palms (which is the easiest place to feel it), its because of tension in the upper back. Stagnant Qi in the arms affects the function of the internal organs, so you must resolve muscle tension at its root to enjoy optimal Qi circulation.

REASON #3: This entire program with bonuses is worth $397 and you can try the program today for $79 (that's for 3-pay, or you can full pay... see below for more). You'll have a full 90-days to use, try it out fully, read the guidebooks and all SIX free Bonuses. Try every follow-along movement, technique and hear everything that David-Dorian Ross tells you throughout the entire program. So try it, test it, see for yourself how you feel. See for yourself how your stress, worry, tension and anxiety melts away, dissipates, leaves your body, and dissolves... See for yourself what a David-Dorian Ross Complete Qi Mental-Vacation feels like physically and emotionally. If it works for you, make it part of your life and fully enjoy it. If not, we guarantee your satisfaction completely (see below).

Our Guarantee...

YOUR FULL ASSURANCE IS GUARANTEED: If you do not experience a release of fresh energy accompanied by freedom from tension, stiffness or stress in the “Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program” you may return the program fully opened for a full refund (for up to 30 days), and as always there are no questions asked, and no hassles on returns ever...

And just call us at 800-669-8892 (or 603-569-7988) we'll even arrange to have it picked up and we'll pay for return shipping. That's how confident we are that you'll enjoy this program as your instructor, David-Dorian Ross is exceptionally gifted and known for delivering results quickly.

More importantly, if you don't find the results you want with “Tai Chi In Paradise Breakthrough Complete Collection Program” we'll take very good care of you. If you call us, or email us (customerservice@ymaa.com) we'd always be happy to help you find the right program that will deliver the specific result you need.

There's Something Else You Should Know And It's Very Important...

Of course, no related tai chi program anywhere delivers as much “workout power” health and fitness as the “Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program” does. Ask the legions of “local tai chi participants” who’ve spent countless hours in classes and today have absolutely no guiding programs they can use in their homes for energizing their bodies and minds, while lifting their spirit, today. But the practical question David-Dorian answers through this program is important: how can you make specialized tai chi workouts matter so that you're motivated to keep doing them?

That’s why David-Dorian has arranged this program session-by-session in this 15-week program, with a true wealth of bonus materials in the most beautiful places on earth, to lead you in getting in the best shape of your life at any age and giving you a mind-vacation for feeling completely regenerated--from the inside out--again and again. This is truly different in the tai chi world.

Holding the David-Dorian Ross “Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program” in your hands will mean a lot... using the sessions consistently will matter a lot to your health.

YES, DAVID-DORIAN, I WANT TO TRY YOUR... “Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program,” Today, Worth $461 -- for ONLY $77.

Here's All I'll Get In David-Dorian's “Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program” :

  • Tai Chi Fit FOR A HEALTHY HEART: -- We need 30 minutes of continuous moderate-intensity motion to maintain basic cardiovascular health, and Tai Chi movements use every part of your body all at once. This means for every minute you practice Tai Chi exercise, you’re getting as much as four times the activity as in other workouts. INCLUDED: The 15-Week Workout Guide.
  • Tai Chi Fit FOR A HEALTHY BACK: -- If you have back pain, or just want to avoid it, this DVD has movements that are gentle and easy enough that anyone can practice along, even if you haven’t exercised in years!
  • Tai Chi Fit FOR WOMEN: -- This short Tai Chi routine is a perfect workout for women. It promotes balance, coordination and strength, supports the immune system, and raises your spirit.
  • Tai Chi Fit TO GO: -- This DVD gives you the perfect ramp-up to David-Dorian's low-impact tai chi and total body follow-along exercises. Get your week off to a great start with each of these three 20-minute workouts, with a day of rest between each one!
  • Tai Chi Fit - STRENGTH: -- David-Dorian Ross guides you through his invigorating STRENGTH workout combining tai chi, qigong and yoga to improve your qi (energy) circulation and your physical endurance.
  • Tai Chi Fit OVER 50: -- Improve your mobility, balance, strength and flexibility by combining basic tai chi moves and energizing qigong exercises with this total-body workout.
  • Tai Chi Fit - FLOW: -- You will Feel the Flow of Tai Chi as you use the Tai Chi Fit - FLOW workout as your recovery workout during these weeks of active rest.
  • Tai Chi Fit IN PARADISE: -- Immerse yourself in beauty and let yourself relax with this simple tai chi workout in paradise! Enjoy a tai chi vacation as David-Dorian helps you connect, continue, and harmonize all of these wonderful moves together.
  • Tai Chi Fusion BAMBOO: -- Blending both tai chi and hatha yoga you discover a deeper level of flow with a consistent infusion of qi energy throughout this week. David-Dorian takes you to a beautiful bamboo forest in Hawaii during this amazing workout.
  • Tai Chi Fit: 24 Form: -- Breakthrough this week with the most popular tai chi form in the world. You'll follow the simple mirror-view movements from side to side quickly gaining the advantage of advanced training. Immerse yourself in a beautiful and relaxing Hawaiian paradise with David-Dorian.
  • Tai Chi Fusion: FIRE: David-Dorian leads you through a powerful workout blending tai chi movements and a series kung Fu kicks and punches. Fusion FIRE is the integration of tai chi and kung fu, a fusion of the internal and external together. This is the ultimate breakthrough cardio workout you will make you feel refreshed and energized.
  • Tai Chi Fusion - IRON: Tone your body as you blend tai chi and resistance training. Alternate between empty hand movements and weighted movements. Enjoy your physical and mental workout on a brand new beautiful Hawaiian beach.
  • Tai Chi Ball Workout - For the ultimate challenge, this Tai Chi Ball workout is known for quickly improving your health. This will significantly stimulate your circulation, balance, and increase muscle tone and bone density -- all while stimulating your Qi-factor.

Here's All Of The FREE Bonuses I'll Receive, Just For Trying The Program (The Bonuses Alone Are Worth $98), All Mine To Keep:

  • BONUS #1: Tai Chi Walking—A Low-Impact Approach to Better Health by Robert Chuckrow -- Most of us have been walking almost all of our lives. However, many have learned walking in a haphazard way. Wearing improper shoes, modeling ourselves after others whose walking is inefficient, and wrong ideas about how our body works are all factors that take their toll on us over time. For Tai Chi practitioners, walking provides an excellent opportunity to augment, refine, and reinforce Tai Chi principles and bridge the gap between formal practice and everyday life.~Valued at $10.99, your free gift (PDF Download).
  • BONUS #2: Tai Chi Qigong: The Internal Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan (Revised 2nd Edition) by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming: This book teaches tai chi qigong exercises that are useful for improving your tai chi skills and overall health. This revised edition of our best selling beginner Tai Chi Qigong book includes a new and modern easy-to-follow layout. Every qigong movement is presented in 2-4 large photographs with clear instructions, followed by a discussion of how the movements aid in improving Tai Chi practice. ~Valued at $12.99, your free gift (PDF Download).
  • BONUS #3: Brain Fitness: The Easy Way of Keeping Your Mind Sharp Through Qigong by Dr. Aihan Kuhn: In Brain Fitness Dr. Aihan Kuhn shares her expertise in tai chi, qigong, and medicine, giving readers exercises designed to prevent brain aging. This book represents a synthesis of Dr. Kuhn’s studies in martial arts as well as Eastern and Western healing. ~Valued at $9.99, your free gift (PDF Download).
  • BONUS #4: The Power, Freedom & Flow By David Dorian Ross: -- The Holistic approach to life is fundamentally about being connected and whole. Imagine learning how to flow through life joyfully aware of the interweaving of body, mind, emotions and Spirit within us – and intimately connected as well to the people, ideas and events in our lives. In this eBook want to engage you in a conversation about what is possible in the realm of your health and happiness.~Valued at $14.99, your free gift (PDF Download).
  • BONUS #5: The Tai Chi Fit Beyond the Zone 15-Week Workout Guide: -- Simply follow along with the Guide, and soon you'll be benefitting from the entire program! ~Valued at $29.99, your free gift (PDF Download).

  • EXTRA BONUS: Free Shipping to Your Doorstep (Continental U.S. Only - For International Customers a Reasonable Shipping Fee Applies). ~Valued at $19.00, yours free.

The Regular Price for the “Tai Chi Beyond the Zone Complete Collection Program”  PLUS Bonuses is $487, When Purchasing Each Item Separately.



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If you are unhappy for any reason, just contact us at customerservice@ymaa.com  or 800-669-8892 and we will issue you a prompt and immediate refund and you may keep the bonuses as our gift just for trying this program.

Why You Can Trust David-Dorian Ross
to Lead You In Your Pursuit Of Qigong...

David-Dorian Ross

David-Dorian Ross is the founder and CEO of TaijiFit and the creator of the TaijiFit mind-body exercise program. He has a B.A. in Human Movement Studies from San Francisco State University, has completed graduate course work in Physical Education and Chinese, and is currently developing a project with the head of the Harvard Medical School research department to study the stress-reduction benefits of tai chi (taiji) in the workplace.

Trained in China with championship martial arts coaches, Mr. Ross has had an illustrious career in competitive tai chi, winning seven U.S. gold medals, two world bronze medals, and a world silver medal—the highest awards ever given to an American for international tai chi performance. He was the founder and chief instructor of the Honolulu T’ai Chi Academy and a certified continuing educator for the American Council on Exercise. Mr. Ross is the host of the PBS series T’ai Chi: Health and Happiness and the author of five books on health and wellness. Since 2012, he has collaborated with international action film star Jet Li on a mission to introduce tai chi to 100 million new people worldwide by the year 2020.

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