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Enliven Your Jing, Qi and Shen Energies With The
Life-Giving Herbs Of “The Three Treasures Formula

You can stop “energy leaking” and build, restore and replenish your
Jing, Qi and Shen energy reservoirs” through the Three Treasures Herbal Elixirs


How to Naturally Restore, Balance
and Modulate the Jing, Qi and Shen
Energies of Body, Mind and Spirit...

Herein you will discover a science-focused approach that explains the secrets
held in the ancient herbal tonics for replenishing The Three Treasures of
Jing (Essence), Qi (Internal Energy), and Shen (Spirit)
-- the very life-force energies within you --

“The Three Treasures” of Jing, Qi and Shen energy are at work in your body right now...

It is Jing, Qi and Shen energies that create the life-force you feel coursing through your veins when your energy is strong...

However, when your energy is down your body's reserves of Jing, Qi and Shen energies have become exhausted and depleted.

The degree to which you have feelings of youthful vitality, stamina, excitement, energization, a desire to live life to the fullest, and more... all stem from the levels of Jing, Qi and Shen energy in your body.

As you'll see in a moment, the capacity and health of the Jing, Qi and Shen energy stores in your body right now depend on the quality of daily practice in your artform, as well as the quality of daily nourishment -- the herbs and foods -- you put into your body.

Through your own study and practice of the arts, you hopefully know so many more techniques and secrets about ‘The Three Treasures’ than most people in the world will take time to learn about, comprehend, or let alone know about.

The secret that few know... is that ‘it IS possible’ though one's dedication to continual improvement in a daily practice of the arts -- for example with Qigong -- to positively regulate and nourish Jing, Qi and Shen inside one's very own body.

This is the ultimate mind-body-spirit connection Master Yang is talking about...

Just like a paper cut on the tip of one's finger that heals without having to tell it to...

Do you realize that Jing, Qi and Shen energies naturally increase in response your body's moving meditation when you engage in your practice of the art of Qigong?

You very likely already intuitively understand the importance of regulating Jing, Qi and Shen through the movement of your body in this way.

Now remember... it's not just Qigong alone. If you've practiced any internal martial art style such as tai chi, or yoga, meditation, acupuncture or any of the arts that you've enjoyed... then you've felt what it's like to nourish, regulate and replenish Jing, Qi and Shen through these disciplines and modalities as well.

So, this is true for many of the other internal martial art styles as well... and you can tell just by the way your practice makes you feel...

But like most things related to our bodies... there is a delicate balance. Over-train... the opposite happens. When you experience stress, worry, or other physical challenges, as we all do, and the three treasures can become exhausted and depleted.

Because the three treasures energies abide together in you, they are affected by the things you do...

And to a much greater degree than you may realize the three treasures energies are replenished, nourished and restored by a special combination of “energy-regulating” herbal elixirs and tonics for Jing, Qi and Shen -- that replenish your reserves of wholeness and energy when consumed daily.

It's amazing to ponder the important, yet little-known, role of ancient Chinese tonic herbs in nourishing and regulating energy... And just knowing that there's even more you could be doing to positively change quality and quantity of your body's reserves of your Jing, Qi and Shen energies is even more exciting.

At YMAA Publication Center, we now want to lead you to go deeper, not only in your practice of the external and internal arts... But also by showing you specific herbal supplements containing special energetic properties that replenish and nourish your body's own Jing, Qi and Shen energy... in amazing ways you may not know about.

This means leading and urging you to try the right combinations of these time-tested herbal remedies and tonics that replenish your three energies from the inside out.

Think just for a moment about where you are today...

Consider the importance of replenishing your Jing...

Ponder the value of regulating your Qi... then leading Qi to specific areas of your body...

Contemplate the importance of keeping Shen at its residence within you...

Think about the importance of tonifying, replenishing,and nourishing your Three Treasure Energies... your energies from deep inside your body by consuming traditional  herbal formulations...

Now, with these things in mind... I want to show you the importance of the herbal tonics -- the specific herbs you should be consuming for optional energetic health --  that are now available to you at YMAA Publication Center for fully nourishing and replenishing your Jing (Essence), Qi (Internal Energy), and Shen (Spirit).

The Importance of Replenishing,
Restoring and Balancing Your
Jing, Qi, and Shen Energies...

The  “Three Treasure  Energies” of Jing, Qi and Shen inside of you, according to Daoist and traditional Chinese health principles, must be protected,  fostered, conserved, replenished and nourished daily.

The first of the “Three Treasures” one should focus on is Jing energy.

I once learned a most important principle from Master Yang in his book, The Root of Chinese Qigong—Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment...

He teaches that everyone “leaks” Jing. There are many ways this happens -- some of which can be prevented, while others reversed. We'll cover more about this below...

For now, recall that Master Yang  teaches how we can mitigate or stop this exhaustion, depletion and leaking... and as a result we can strengthen our life force, develop enhanced adaptability and potentially lengthen our lifespan.

Trying to replenish and restore Jing, Qi and Shen through Qigong alone is NOT enough -- for many people. For many reasons... as you'll see below, you're not always receiving replenishment you need from your art-form or practice.

I know many Qigong teachers who have lost great volumes of energy over the years because they rely solely on their art-form to regulate Jing, Qi and Shen energies. If that's you, there's a better way...

There are many people who could have optimal health and vitality and raise their Jin, Qi and Shen energies simply by consuming important “Three Treasures” herbs -- as we call them...

Supplementing with the energy tonifying, nourishing, replenishing and stimulating herbs can bring one's Jing, Qi and Shen energies to their full capacity.

If you could follow the best herbalist who are also practitioners of the arts around for a day you would see the common theme of a little-talked-about twice-a-day positive regimen of using herbal supplements to stimulate and nourish Jing, Qi and Shen energies.

Simply stated... aging, disease, over-training, even sexual exertion and worry and stress... all of these exhaust Jing, Qi and Shen and for many people, Qigong is just simply not always enough.

So, we're including the idea of nutrients consumed into one's practice of the arts, especially herbal supplementation with the practice Qigong, because herbs can provide amazing long-term health benefits...

Surprisingly, many people do not know how the ancient masters once consumed herbs -- and much can be learned from them (as you'll see as you read more below).

Many have asked exactly what herbs to use to replenish Jing, Qi and Shen -- and in what precise combinations.

We're going to make a difference by changing this for you, and hopefully for others... starting today... by sharing what we consider to be the herbal secrets of Jing, Qi and Shen replenishment with you.

This is why we are bringing this specialized knowledge and special resources to you... to give you every tool you need to take action starting today to revitalize your “Three Treasures Energies” as never before.

We want to help you solve this and replenish your energy massively -- for the remainder of your journey on earth.

So, if you're not fully nourishing the “Three Treasure Energies” of your body with herbal supplements right now... Then, I want to know there is an incredibly simple way to regulate, nurture and stimulate your three energies to complement your practice of the arts greatly.

But first... you must know about the importance of overcoming the Two Deadly Saboteurs seeking to zap and destroy your life-force energy...

Overcoming Your Energy Saboteurs:
Know What You're Fighting Against...


They're after you... coming through your genetics... hidden in your daily habits... They are the saboteurs of energy. They are after you: Stress and Inflammation. They are to-be-stopped immediately.

Almost all stress diminishes Jing. If a person is highly adaptive, and possesses an abundance of free flowing Qi, one may be able to overcome a great deal of minor daily stress for a long time.

However, stress draws down our Jing and unless the Jing is replenished, we will lose a little bit of our Jing life-force essence every day.

Jing is NOT automatically replenished as Qi is. It simply goes away unless we know how to supplement it.

Heavy stress can drain a large amount of Jing quickly, resulting in overnight aging. This loss is known as “leaking.”

However, organs can "leak," and generally do. "Leaking" in this case is defined as any loss of energy which should be stored. There are many causes for leaking.

An inflammation, for example, causes a leak of energy and resources from the body.

It requires enormous energy on the part of the body to maintain an inflammatory response.

Even a small inflammation like a hangnail, pimple or eye inflammation can drain Jing.

Chronic inflammatory conditions like chronic gum inflammation are silent Jing leaks with a high bill.

A huge inflammation as might occur with an organ disease, traumatic injury or autoimmune condition is a grave drain on Jing.

Those with chronic inflammations die earlier than they would if they were inflammation-free, often by decades.

Master Yang has explained that as we become older, the Yin Jing becomes weaker.

This allows Heart Yang to expand uncontrollably and attack the heart. This shortens life.

To the Taoists, both Kidney Yin (Yin Jing) and Heart Yin must be maintained in order to control Heart Yang.

Yang also diminishes as we grow older and eventually must be supplemented in everyone, but Yin deficiency goes to the root of false fire. Yang deficiency goes to the root of advancing impotence, feebleness, sluggishness and physical decline.

Inflammation and its symptoms are called "false fire" in Chinese medicine.

The Taoists have been teaching for over three thousand years that chronic false fire in and around the heart will ultimately result in heart failure, kidney failure, or both.

This general inflammation is now well established to be a cause of aging and premature death. He Shou Wu fights this "inflammaging" and thus prolongs youthfulness, prevents degenerative disorders and extends life.

It does this by repressing the activity of the universal inflammatory molecule in every cell of our body, known as nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB).

The herbs found within our “Three Treasures Formula” include He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil, and are known to not only counteract dozens of inflammatory conditions, as well as chronic low grade inflammation, these herbs also support healthy cardio vascular function, treat allergies, and are potent antioxidents.

For example, He Shou Wu alone is one of the most famous anti-aging, tonics... as the most highly revered tonic herb in Asian herbalism. He Shou Wu is famous for its ability to constrain and eliminate inflammation.

“The Three Treasures Formula” may be consumed consistently as a daily supplement, to reduce false fire -- playing an important role in diminishing the leaking of Jing, and for modulating Qi and Shen.

Now, I will admit that it took me 72 days. I counted each of them carefully on my calendar. It took exactly this amount of time and attention to build back my lost energies. It may be more or less time for you. It's a difference I feel radiating through my being every day when I take “The Three Treasures Formula” with breakfast.

This makes perfect sense to all of us who have been involved in consuming natural herbal remedies.

I want to remind you that ‘a person with an abundance of Jing will most likely be healthy, strong and resilient, and can achieve great longevity.’

Unfortunately, for those who would like to live forever, Jing is depleted by life itself, moment-by-moment and day-by-day.

All stressors, worries and diseases of the body and mind, whether minor or major, diminish Jing; and in turn, create a vicious downward cycle. Reduced Jing makes us more susceptible to these saboteurs of degeneration and also to general aging.

As Jing diminishes... We age, we degenerate and then we die. All death is ultimately associated with the loss of Jing.

Jing “leaks” away as we become more susceptible to the saboteurs.

THIS is why it is so essential that you discover where, how, when and why you are “leaking” Jing.

AND then you must make a determined, concerted effort to change your habits and lifestyle -- to gently fan the flames of life through your daily Qigong practice while consuming herbal supplements -- to stop the leaking... as if your life depends upon it... because it actually does.

Science-Focused Insight:
The Jing-Hormone Connection

That Transforms One's Health By Nourishing, Replenishing and Rejuvenating My Jing Energy From The Inside Out...

First, The Deeper Science-Focused Insight: This is what is going on in the body:  Because Jing is derived through the hormones... the many saboteurs of worry, stress, aging, inflammation, loss of glandular function, an over-abundance of sexual activity and more... This can actually reduce naturally occurring hormone levels.

The saboteurs can cause hormones in the body to become depleted, exhausted, or spent -- the result of this is a reduction, or as we say a “leaking” of Jing energy.

As you may recall, the function of hormones in the body is to catalyze the metabolic capacities of the body. One of them is in converting your food or fat, into energy, called Qi.

With Jing restored, with hormone function balanced... the metabolism optimizes (perhaps speeds up) the calorie-to-energy conversion of the body-- thus supplying energy to the body much more quickly.

Now it is starting to make sense how the saboteurs do their work in “depleting” energy from the body... and how replenishing Jing supplies more energy, more efficiently to your body, while balancing hormones.

We've chosen the herbs in the “The Three Treasures Formula” because of the properties they have to replenish, nourish, and rejuvenate Jing energy -- giving your body an abundance of this youthful, life-giving energy.

This is why from the time I turned 30 years old to the moment I turned 40 -- before I began Qigong and taking energy replenishing herbs — I felt a little weaker, more tired, I had less stamina, with less endurance and had less energy.

However, once I discovered the power of the herbs inside the “The Three Treasures Formula” -- He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil -- my energy improved greatly.

I'll share below in a few moments, how I took them and applied them to my daily regimen as well as how long it took in my own personal journey to make great strides in replenishing and rejuvenating my Jing and nourishing the Qi and Shen in my body.

Today, I feel 26 again, even though I am now thirty years older than I was on my twenty-sixth birthday.

“The Journey of a Million Miles...
Begins with Your First Step”

As my mentor and teacher Master Yang once taught me... “The journey of a million miles... begins with your first step.

My first visit to an authentic Chinese herbalist many years ago was no different...

Though my first conversation with the herbalist was very ‘short and to the point,’ the first priority he gave me to work on was... ‘replenishing my Jing’ to establish ‘protection...’ as he said.

He led me to the shelf to see the prepared tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum -- a tonic herb in a concentrated liquid form. The was in a small brown glass bottle... with a dropper.

It was a brown liquid with an acquired taste that I later discovered would ‘awaken my senses.’ I could taste the herb bitters and salty after taste...

While most feel nothing the first time, I loved the affect it had on me.

Although my experience with it over many years has been that this root had a calming energizing affect on me... It's primary and most beneficial job in replenishing energy is cumulative.

It was true... As I was told, this special root accumulates tremendous quantities of Qi in its roots and can tonify human organs as well as tonify and nourish the blood.

I later learned it is a super potency extract called He Shou Wu...

One of the greatest tonics known to mankind... a very special root of the Polygonum multiflorum plant that grows in the mountains of central and southern China.

This special root is in the highest position as a primary essence tonic (Jing Tonic) of Chinese herbalism.

It was on my second and third visits to my secret herbalist, that I first discovered the amazing wonders of the combination of He Shou Wu, Perilla Seed Oil and Duanwood Reishi in tonifying and fully nourishing my Jing, Qi, and Shen.

However, it wasn't until many days had passed that I learned the full meaning and importance of these three special herbs in replenishing my own Three Treasures Energies -- as it was only after 72 days of faithfully consuming these amazing herbs passed -- the cumulative affect was felt.

From that moment... the missing energies of the primal life force of my youth had returned home. I feel a vast storehouse of abundant energy coursing through my being mostly every day.

And as Master Yang teaches... ‘It is up to you to protect your own Three Treasures Energies from exhaustion, depletion and leaking because it determines your potential for living a long life... and being happy every day.’

As I consumed every day He Shou Wu, Perilla Seed Oil and Duanwood Reishi -- I found great replenishment and nourishment of my Three Treasures Energies... This had been a large missing piece of the puzzle for me.

Understanding the Functions
and Relationships Between
Jing, Qi and Shen Energies...

It may help to think of Jing, Qi and Shen like the parts of a candle. Understand that each part of the candle helps explain how each of these Three Treasures energies is at work inside of you...

Think of Jing as the wax and the wick of the candle.

The quality of the wax and the amount of the reserve of wax available for burning determines the life of the candle.

Jing, which is determined by your genetic inheritance and your deep energy reserves, determines your longevity.

Over time, as Jing becomes depleted it becomes extremely hard to replenish.

Think of Qi as represented by the candle flame itself. The flame can sputter and smoke or burn brightly and evenly.

Your Qi is your vitality or energy. Just like the flame provides the source of light, Qi energy is your body's source of physical energy. However, as we know, the flame eventually consumes the candle.

When your Qi is used efficiently, your Jing lasts longer.

Qi is easily depleted through daily activity and when a person is healthy, Jing and Qi are easily replenished with sleep, nourishment, and breathing.

Shen or Spirit
Think of Shen as the light that radiates from the burning candle.

The purpose of the candle is to light the darkness.

Your Shen is the radiance of your spirit that illuminates you throughout your life in this world.

When Jing and Qi are in abundance, Shen is fully released.

With that... I had left not only with a new supply of my very own version of “The Three Treasure Formula” contained in three distinct glass bottles... I also had a deeper understanding of the “three treasures energies” at work within my very being...

With the story I now felt more passionate than ever to continue on my own exciting journey in my art-form of Qigong with my herbal remedies -- I wisely consumed energizing herbs extracted to do their amazing work from within as I consumed them each day.

Why Tonic Herbs Are The Bridge
To The Three Foundations in the
Practice of Your Art-Form...

Do you remember how in advanced Qigong practice... Master Yang teaches “The Three Foundations?”

Here's a quick synopsis...

In the first foundation, you learn to ‘firm your Jing’  and convert ‘Jing into Qi.

In the first second foundation, you learn how to ‘lead the Qi to the head,’ and once there to ‘convert Qi into Shen.’

In foundation three, Master Yang then teaches “Lian Qi Hua Shen,” which means to ‘refine the Qi’ and ‘convert it into (nourish) the Shen.’

And as you may recall... it is this conversion process that enables you to nourish Jing, Qi and Shen energy to gain health and longevity.

Do you remember what Master Yang did just a few short months ago?

Master Yang demonstrated and proved in his most recent Energy Regulation Live program that the nourishment in the form of food that you put into your body... converts to Qi... that herbal tonics shore up hormones and modulate Jing and Shen while fortifying Qi... and all of this begins with the replenishment of Jing, which transforms your health and life experience... providing profound energy and healthfulness -- to you on a daily basis.

You can read even more about how this works in your body with in-depth, high-level science-focused detail in Master Yang's book ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong—Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment’ in Chapter Three.

In fact, when you agree to try “The Three Treasures Formula” daily herbal, all-natural and organic supplements for the first time, I will personally deliver a copy of this amazing research to you as an instant download. You'll have it in your hands, just a few moments from now, when you enroll to try “The Three Treasures Formula.

When you instantly download Chapter Three from ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong’ -- I want you to read it carefully. In the light of all I'm sharing with you here...This chapter will be the most life-changing chapter in the book related to the Three Treasures for you.

It's in the book right there in Chapter Three...

That's where Master Yang teaches you... He shows you step-by-step how to firm your Jing, then convert Jing into Qi and Qi into Shen. You can read it and do it.

But what if you're leaking Jing due to aging, inflammation, or some other hidden causes that are internal to your body?

What if because of this you're not converting as much Qi as you need to feel fully alive and vibrant?

What if you're not converting Qi into Shen?

Well then you need something more don't you?

That's exactly why the use of Chinese herbal supplements is so vital to you... so that you can combine your practice of the internal arts with a practice of herbal supplementation -- knowing you're doing everything possible to receive the full effects energy regulation, replenishment and rejuvenation --  from the internal to the external, and from inside to the outside throughout your whole being -- body, mind and spirit.

If you're not using the herbs found in “The Three Treasures Formula” as a way to modulate your three energies, then you're missing the big full picture for your health and well-being.

That's why ancient Chinese herbalists have held the hidden keys most of us have been missing.

It's one you can't neglect. It's one of the little-known secrets that masters of the arts have been using to maximize their practice and life-experience throughout their life-journey.

Now you KNOW!

So consider something else... just for a moment with me...

...As you awaken and embrace your morning routine... your early afternoon meditation...

As you're actively practicing your art-form... perhaps you're practicing traditional martial arts, or qigong, tai chi, or yoga, or a healthy mix of them... or maybe you cycle through different variations seasonally...

Maybe you're spending as much time in your practice as you like, or maybe less than you should.

Wherever you find yourself in your practice right now here's the question I would like you to consider...

Since you're taking such an active approach to your practice to firming your Jing, converting Jing into Qi and converting Qi onto Shen...

Why not use “The Three Treasures Formula” herbal supplements as part of your practice to stop Jing from leaking from your body and to fortify and  modulate Qi and Shen?

The answer is that you should consider it... and we all should because it's the right thing to do.

That's why... as of today... we at YMAA Publication Center is announcing the introduction of “The Three Treasures Formula” -- an all-natural, combination of  high-quality ‘energy regulating herbs.’

Now, you'll have this additional pathway to health, longevity and enlightenment for the firming, modulation of Qi and Shen and for stopping the leaking of Jing through three amazing herbal tonics in the “Three Treasures Formula.”

And we're so proud and happy to give you a new way to try “The Three Treasures Formula” -- a Jing, Qi and Shen fortifying herbal supplement -- Bringing it directly to your doorstep for your convenience.

How To Start Today To Restore, Replenish
and Nourish Jing, Qi, and Shen...

— First Things First  —
Here Is What You Should Know About Restoring Jing

Of all I've learned over many years... I've carried with me what I consider to be one of the greatest truths of the Ancient Chinese Medicine: Jing can be replenished and restored.

Jing can even be increased on a constitutional level by those who know the secrets. This is the basis of Daoist life cultivation:

First, we should attempt to stop the exhaustion, leaking of Jing -- the habits and factors under our control that cause the loss of Jing. This is why the mind-body practice of Qigong is so vital we it reduces stress and worry, settles the mind and feeds fresh energy to the body.

Second, we should provide protection from that which is causing the loss of Jing.

Third, we restore Jing to fullness. Fourth, we establish a full state of radiant health ("health beyond danger") through the art of life cultivation. This is accomplished through a regimen of herbal remedies that restore, replenish and renew Jing, while nourishing Qi and Shen.

We should stop the leaking and replenish by whatever means we have at our disposal. Acupuncturists and herbalists, have a wealth of skills to stop the leaking.

However it is very important that one does not merely treat symptoms.

Although symptoms must be addressed... most conditions have deep roots, usually reaching down to the Three Treasures themselves (Jing, Qi/Blood and Shen).

Never-ever forget that emotions usually play a key role in leaking. Habits must be ascertained and looked at (openly or discretely) and changed where necessary to stop the leaking.

Modulating one's stress level is a primary key to mitigate “energy leaking.”

Chronic and/or acute stress promotes inflammation, adrenal hyperactivity, hormone imbalance, sleep disturbance, emotional upheaval and much more causes energy leaks.

Either stopping the source of the excessive stress or taking measures to deflect and mitigate the effects of the stress are critical to slowing energy leaks -- especially regarding Jing.

We know that meditation, exercise, recreation, hobbies, giving and serving all tend to reduce stress.

But few really understand the value of adaptogenic herbs as the most important health substances on earth for slowing energy leaking.

The right mix of herbs promote adaptability in slowing leaking Jing and modulating Qi and Shen in absolutely tranformative ways that one must experience to understand. The herbs found in our “The Three Treasures Formula”can fundamentally mitigate environmental factors and prevent the loss of Jing to stress.

The “The Three Treasures Formula” will play a such a profound role in stopping leaking and replenishing Jing for you -- as it has for me. While both the tonic and medicinal herbs can be used to stop the leaking... the restoration process, however, is all about tonification. Let me explain...

The reason tonic herbs are central to Taoist life cultivation is because the tonic herbs restore the Three Treasures energies in your body -- your Jing, Qi and Shen.

Sun Simiao (581-682 A.D.) a prominent physician of the Tang Dynasty, consumed tonic herbs every day of his life until he died.

Master Sun wrote Important Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold, a series of writings on of the medical achievements before the 7th century -- it is considered a Chinese medical classic.

Sun Simiao consumed prepared He Shou Wu in the morning and and Gogi wine at night --  he lived to be 101 years old and remained more than lucid until the end.

Li Shizhen, arguably the greatest herbalist in the history of China and author of the "Compendium of Medical Herbs,” consumed tonic herbs every day until he died.

Xiao Peigen, the greatest herbologist of our modern era and semi-retired director of the Institute of Materia Plant Medica in Beijing is an avid user of anti-aging tonic herbs.

Xiao Peigen has commented exensively on the value of tonic herbs in reducing inflammation (false fire) in the body.

Should a weak person with false fire and leaking Jing take tonic herbs?

Absolutely. YES!

Most practitioners of the arts over the age of 30 have leaking Jing. It is possible to restore much of one's vitality, health and radiance with “energy modulating adaptogenic herbal formulations and elixirs.”

It is very likely that you need “The Three Treasures Formula” as an internal herbal supplement to restore your Jing and to modulate and balance your Qi and Shen energies.

Jing deficiency is essentially a “weak (or nearly dead) battery.”

One could compare Jing to the battery in a car, where Qi is like the gasoline. Most people need Yin Jing tonics first.

The Yin Jing tonics will quickly re-establish a baseline of much needed Jing for you. It is like recharging your battery.

The best tonic I have personally tried with great success for restoring Jing is the three-capsules-per-day formulation of the He Shou Wu  extract --as found in “The Three Treasures Formula.

When done correctly, with this high quality tonic herb, you can be out of Jing deficiency danger with about 90 days of good quality herbal Jing supplementation.

Once the leak is resolved, your Jing replenishment can be maintained by continuing your practice of the arts in concert with your herbal Jing supplementation.

 — Next, Here's What You Must Do To Tonify Qi —

Qi tonics are necessary for both vitality and protection.

You can and should start taking Qi tonics at the same time you begin taking Yin Jing tonics.

Especially profound at restoring Qi, strengthening metabolism and respiration, and boosting the immune system on all levels, are the major Qi tonics found in “The Three Treasures Formula.”

Blood tonics may be very useful for those who have been leaking blood or not producing it. Of course the cause of the blood-leaking must be addressed. He Shou Wu  extract -- as found in “The Three Treasures Formula” is also the best blood tonic.  Combine your daily regimen with Perilla Seed Oil for opening up the lungs, oxygenating of the blood and reducing inflammation -- tonifying Qi.

 — Last, Understanding The Importance of Tonifying Shen —

Did you know that most “energy leaking” has an emotional and/or spiritual context? In addition, you may now know that the Shen tonics of Chinese herbalism play a key role in stopping the energy leaks that affect our emotions and spirit.

Reishi Mushroom is king in this regard.

I believe that most Asian Taoists throughout history would agree that Reishi stops leaking at the level of your Qi and Shen, and allows your Jing to grow and flourish.

This is why we have included Reishi mushroom inside “The Three Treasures Formula” and this should be part of your everyday habit in consuming herbal supplements to stop leaking and for restoring your Shen Energy.

So all of this has created a bit
of a challenge for me...

We have an incredible group of authors and experts in multiple disciplines in martial arts -- from Chin Na to Kung Fu to Qigong to Tai Chi -- with many styles who consume herbs regularly for health and energy regulation.

And there are many others outside of YMAA Publication Center, who, like me, consume herbs found in “The Three Treasures” Formula and who have replenish their Jing, Qi and Shen energies sustainably.

They have sustained vitality, increased their physical energy and the efficiency of the fat to energy conversion of their bodies.

The combination of consistently practicing your art-form with the power of the natural tonics found in “The Three Treasures”  Herbal Formulation is life changing -- I say this because the energy stores inside your body are your life-force. Restore them and you'll elevate your health, sense of well-being... and so much more...

Remember, as Master Yang teaches in his energy regulation secrets, ‘the way one comes alive when maintaining high-energy levels is contagious.’ This is what every practitioner should be aiming for.

However, when I realized that so very few of our clients at YMAA Publication Center are getting the level of energetic replenishment they need to feel the level of vitality that Master Yang operates at every day... well it got me started on a mission to change this.

So I decided to make a significant investment of time and resources to find a special formulation... for you and an intimate group of like-minded people to ‘replenish’ Jing, Qi and Shen energies and experiencing this pathway of systematically revitalizing energy.

In addition, to providing the highest and best quality of the authentically-harvested He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil, we're also including a full complement of monthly education materials, summary cards and programs found on the shelves of advanced herbalist --  and these materials alone will be insightful and super-advanced. Fresh education will be coming to you each and every month. It's experiential stuff that'll take you to new heights -- and the educational materials are all -- gratis, fully complimentary for your dedication as a subscriber to the “The Three Treasures Formula.”

From my own personal experiences “The Three Treasures Formula,” I feel strongly that certain energy herbal approaches without the guidance of the expertly crafted formulations we've curated for you -- could be harmful. Unbridled power, when unleashed at this level, can sometimes be overwhelming in unexpected ways. However, the guidelines you'll receive will greatly assist you in regulating the energetic power of “The Three Treasures Formula.”

I know this may sound like hyperbole, but I am very serious about this.

So far, we've only opened subscriptions to “The Three Treasures Formula” up to less than twenty-five practitioners of the arts. We're keeping it exclusive because there is such a limited annual supply of the natural hand-grown Chinese key herbal ingredients of He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil. Because we only have limited-time subscriptions left we maintain a waiting list to get in.

So we're ready to take only a few very eager devoted practitioners of the arts on a unique and personal journey on this very special day -- today.

I want to do something today that is unlike anything we've ever done for a small intimate group of people. I want you to be a part of this by becoming an exclusive subscriber to “The Three Treasures Formula.”

At YMAA this is another historic moment... and THIS quite possibly could be the first and last time we open-up a guaranteed annual supply of “The Three Treasures Formulation” to an exclusive group of subscribers -- that includes hundreds of dollars of educational value at no charge.


What All This Means To You...

The Three Treasures FormulaProgram isn't just a supplementation program, or a recycled collection of irrelevant, heady, dry materials about herbs.

It isn't about growing herbs, or filling you full of academic theories about herbs. Nope.

What you'll get inside “The Three Treasures FormulaProgram is an incomparable experience with the highest quality herbs specifically formulated to replenish your Jing, Qi and Shen energies -- that we have fully tested ourselves.

You'll receive safely crafted, hand-curated tonic herbs in carefully concentrated formulations as prescribed in precise proportions from translated ancient Daoist Chinese writings --  including primarily tonic formulations of He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil. (All ingredients lists and labeling is fully presented on the next page -- the order page.)

In addition, upon subscribing you'll immediately receive a log-in to the YMAA Publication Center Education Portal -- where you'll discover the first monthly installment of the most up-close and personal education on herbs you will experience — and you'll continue to receive a renewed supply (roughly a 30-day supply) of three containers of the tonic herbal formulations PLUS new education materials every month -- FOR TWELVE FULL MONTHS.

While you subscription is cancelable at any time... we're asking you to make a 90-day commitment to your own health once you enter into the The Three Treasures FormulaProgram.


Well... because most like most people, you will require a consistent consumption of these three energy-fortifying formulations in this combination for between 60 and 90 days in order for Jing, Qi and Shen to become fully replenished -- then you'll want to continue with them to maintain your health and energy.

This is why we're asking you to make a full commitment yourself for this time period -- giving yourself this gift and receiving the best best results possible.

In addition, you'll not only receive in-depth insider reports about all of the herbs in the “The Three Treasures FormulaProgram, you'll also find an abundance of educational materials and a full spectrum of resources covering hundreds of additional herbal elixirs and remedies -- with suggestions for safe usage, preparations, applications and contraindications, and so much more. And we'll include an abundance of surprise resources aimed to delight you with the newfound education in herbs you will receive.

You'll be in good company inside the The Three Treasures Formula” Program with other super-successful practitioners of the arts -- who are very much like yourself.

You won't just learn a few techniques each month inside the education portal... I personally guarantee that YMAA Publication Center will invite you to take a journey into the world of energy replenishment, as well as, elixir-focused applications for healing many specific health challenges you and others you care about may encounter through life.

You'll have an extremely profound, complete and empowering experience. My pledge, promise and guarantee is that you will have such a profound experience that you will want to continue consuming all of the tonic herbs and studying all of the materials you'll surround yourself with once you're inside “The Three Treasures Formula” Program.

Throughout this entire experience you'll not only be making life-changing new distinctions, you'll discover and be given the right combinations of He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil you need to replenish your Jing, Qi and Shen energies.

Don't blow it and miss this opportunity to take one of the limited-time subscriptions left remaining subscriptions left -- and be only one of  few practitioners who has been personally and exclusively invited into “The Three Treasures Formula” -- which will be closing down once we reach 90 participants.  This is one of those rare opportunities that is few and far between... And because you that know later on you'll seriously regret that you missed this one-time special invitation to replenish your energy with a year's supply of the curated herbs we will reserve in your name... Now is the time to not just consider subscribing... But to actually claim one of the limited-time The Three Treasures Formula” Program subscriptions that are available.

Now upon confirming your trial subscription... you will receive full unlocked access to The Three Treasures Formula” Program in the YMAA Publications Education Center (located at our education log-in site at: ymaapublishing.com) containing the exclusive monthly updates to the Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library with YMAA Publication Centers' most rare, collectible and little-known works on the subject from a life-time of collected published works from Master Yang, Dr. Susan Peterson, Xu Xiangcai, and many more -- worth OVER $200—this is your extra bonus reward for registering for “The Three Treasures Formula” Program Today ONLY, again it's completely free as your incentive bonus for registering for the “The Three Treasures Formula” Program TODAY!

When you become a subscriber and you reserve your trial of “The Three Treasures Formula” below right now you'll get full instant access to the ‘Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library’ PLUS Bonuses rushed to your door. Shipping of the Three Treasure Formula begins on May 29th.

Here's what you'll get in the box when it arrives on your door step and through the YMAA Publication Center Education Portal:

  • He Shou Wu Tonic Formulation Crushed and powdered Extract in Capsule Form - (Polygonum multiflorum) Delivered in traditional tinted bottle. Prepared with 5-year-aged semi-wild He Shou Wu root. We suggest starting with 3 capsules per day (1 in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 1 in the evening) as desired for nourishment, replenishment and rejuvenation of Jing. (A $19 value, as included)
  • Duanwood Reishi - Powder Extract in Capsule Form - (log-grown Red Reishi mushrooms) Disperses clumping and stagnating energy and tonifies memory. Tonifies all three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. Enters the heart, liver, and lung meridians. Sourced directly from Wuyi Mountains, grown at high-altitude. We suggest starting with 3 capsules per day as follows: Take one capsule with meals three times a day -- for desired for nourishment, replenishment and rejuvenation of Jing, Qi and Shen. 100 capsules, 500mg each. (A $36 value, as included)
  • Perilla Seed Oil - Extract in Capsule Form - Harvested from the delicate and most beautiful herb know as Perilla. Tonifies all three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. Generates Qi within the lungs for achieving glowing health, opening the meridians, the lungs, increasing oxygenation and optimizing Qi. We suggest starting with 2 capsules per day as follows: Take one capsule with a meal two times a day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) as desired to replenish Jing, Qi and Shen. 60 capsules, 500mg each. (A $26 value, as included)
  • Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library - Every other week you'll recieve full-online-access to special reports about elixir herbs (solving common ailments), Tonic Herbs (for tonifying the body) and store house of up-to-date reports, fact sheets and articles from our “Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library” with a ‘treasure-trove cornucopia of delights’ containing over 13 issues. (valued at $110 annually, yours free)
  • Practical Chinese Materia Medica for Health - You'll receive this in-depth 27-page Special Report by Xu, Xiangcai covering detailed descriptions of the classes of Chinese herbs (Qi Tonics, Blood Tonics, Yang Tonics, Yin Tonics, and the Special Case Tonic Herbs) -- Includes a Bonus Lists of patent herbal remedies with main ingredients, dosage forms and administration suggestions. (valued at: 15, yours free)
  • CHAPTER THREE of The Root of Chinese Qigong—Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming - You'll receive this in-depth 15-page excerpt outlining, detailing and connecting the theories of energy regulation -- and the replenishing, regeneration and nourishing of your body's Jing, Qi and Shen -- from the Master, himself!(valued at: Priceless, yours free)

He Shou Wu Tonic Formulation

Duanwood Reishi Formulation

Perilla Clear Formulation

You'll have EVERYTHING you need to replenish, nourish and refresh your Jing, Qi and Shen energies -- and your overall health. You'll have your first monthly supply of selected the highest quality of trusted herbal formulations of He Shou Wu, Duanwood Reishi and Perilla Seed Oil possible and full access to our Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library, and more...

Much of the education about herbs and traditional Chinese medicine are materials you have never experienced before in this way. It'll ALL be yours to keep for life as our special gift for confirming and commemorating your participation in the “The Three Treasures Formula” Program.

In addition, and I'll explain a little more about this below, but this is not something we're offering to the public -- we're only making this special offer to past clients of YMAA Publication Center.

This offer is by special private invitation ONLY to our most exclusive past clients, namely -- a handful of about one-thousand clients -- people like yourself who are serious in the practice of their art-form and have proven that through the quality and quantity of the study  and training materials acquired, through their direct relationship with YMAA Publication Center.

We have procured a consistent supply of these special herbal formulations at a very advantageous price with our trading partner and grower of these fine herbs. This is a small and very private announcement -- because there subscriptions have very limited availablity at this time we expect there to continue to be more demand than we will be able to supply.

To ensure that there won't be heavy disappointment, and to maintain integrity and proper expectations for the program -- we want you to know that those monthly trial subscribers who do “get in” will receive a consistent and continual flow of products. To accomplish this... we must limit this offer. Because supplies of these special formulations are are so limited -- this page may very well be taken down at any moment. However, to those who do “get in” we will reserve and ear-mark just for you, a future monthly supply of “The Three Treasures Formula” for you.

You can rush to the order page now to check availability by clicking on the “Reserve My Three Treasures Formula” page below, then enrolling in the trial.

Once the above timer on this page runs out, we will shut this special offer page down, then we will extend this invitation to others on the waiting list. If and only if there are subscriptions available after your page closes, we may send you a second registration notice, but that's only if there are a few extra seats left. Chances are very slim.

We ask you to please REFRAIN from sharing this page or the “Reserve My Three Treasures Formula” order page with anyone outside of our community, as this is a private invitation ONLY exclusive event!

I want to impress upon you the importance of acting quickly for the courtesy of others in what has become a sizable waiting list for this special offer.

For those fortunate few who get in, The Three Treasures Formula will be just the start of big. As you learn how to replenish your Jing, Qi and Shen energies through herbs in this program... You will carry all of the secret insights and little-understood knowledge forward to others into your world. And we'll be adding a few more unannounced very valuable bonuses and treasured materials for you AFTER you register for The Three Treasures Formula and throughout the entire year!

There's NO OTHER place on earth where you can get this much education, knowledge and the actual herbal formulations you need to replenish your Jing, Qi and Shen energies... to put yourself this far ahead of the curve... to really push the envelope for yourself.

The Question To Ask Yourself Is...

When would be the right moment to start replenishing your Jing, Qi and Shen with “The Three Treasures Formula” we have curated for you?

How about.... Now!

(Don't put this off... Yes, you can call our offices with any questions before, or after you subscribe... but don't miss this... so secure your trial subscription! Click below to get started... Now! )

Click the Button Below for to Reserve Your Trial Subscription Today for “The Three Treasures Formula” Program  and receive your Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library and Instant Bonuses!

I sincerely hope you join us by reserving your trial of the Three Treasures Formula today with all of the extras and bonuses.

We've given you our best value… and a “risk nothing” guarantee*.

***That means you have zero risk in reserving your subscription to the “Three Treasures Formula.”

To reserve your seat, simply click on the button below.

It will take you to our secure “Reserve Your Seat” page, where you can review everything one last time before you decide.

Thanks for reading.

And I look forward to welcoming you to this Very Personal SpecialThree Treasures Formula Offer in the next few minutes.


Allen D'Angelo,
YMAA Publication Center

P.S. Remember, we never done a special offer like this ever before. This is your moment to experience the replenishing, nourishing and rejuvenation of your the Jing, Qi and Shen energies in your body through through this herbal formulation and educational experience. If you don’t try The Three Treasures Formula, and you deeply regret missing this most unique experience. Click below to get started…

P.S.S. Your FREE EXTRA gift for reading and responding to this letter is that you will receive a free and INSTANTLY available downloadable copies of report we have specially selected from our Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library - PLUS the first three chapters of The Root of Chinese Qigong—Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and the Practical Chinese Materia Medica for Health by Xu Xiangcai to study for yourself when you reserve your subscription for this special offer here: RESERVE YOUR THREE TREASURES

Your “Risk Nothing” Guarantee: Register today, risk-free. Since you agree to a trial of the The Three Treasures Formula under this private invitation-and-client-only special offer, we understand that you will want to try the formulations, and fully read through all of the educational materials. In keeping, we are extending to you as our trial registrant a full 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, contingent upon return of your un-used herbal product and packaging, all bonuses and access to the Herbal Tonics and Elixirs Education Library. After 30-days your registration becomes binding and you may keep all of the materials.

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