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  • THE MASTER YANG MEDITATION STUDYPATH PROGRAM: A SMALL COFFEE TABLE-SIZED BOX - Includes physical copies of 12 unique meditation grounding study material items delivered to your doorstep. (Retail Value $397)
  • MASTER YANG'S SUGGESTED MEDITATION STUDYPATH GUIDE: His suggested Meditation pathway of study. (Retail Value $79)
  • YOUR PERSONAL LEATHERETTE PADFOLIO: For idea capture, diligent study and copious note-taking. (Retail Value $39)
  • FREE BONUS 01: MASTER YANG MEDITATION AUDIO DOWNLOAD - Containing this exclusive audio of Master Yang's Meditation for relaxation. (Retail Value $20)
  • FREE BONUS 02: DR. YANG IN MEDITATION -- SPECIAL REPORT - A DOWNLOADABLE PDF Collection of Master Yang's most purposeful writings on the subject of meditation (Retail Value $20)
  • FREE BONUS 03: THE DAO DE JING: A QIGONG INTERPRETATION: Special Edition Soft-Bound Book - With Master Yang's Friendship Signature. (Retail Value $30)
  • FREE BONUS 04: TWO $100 CREDITS TOWARD FUTURE MASTER YANG EVENT TICKETS - Worth $100 Each - for ANY 2-Day or more Live Program (Retail Value $200)
  • EXTRA FREE BONUS: FREE SHIPPING: Free Shipping to Your Doorstep. (Retail Value $50)

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